Portugal Group Shot Spring 2014

A few weeks ago, we heard a message from our pastor about how God desires us to be “funnels of His grace.”  In one sentence, he said that as we receive grace in its various forms, God wants us to share it with others.

Welling Up With Thankfulness For You

That morning, we were reminded of each of you and welled up with thankfulness.  Truly, each of you has been a funnel of grace in our lives and in the lives of teens who may never even know your name (like the ones from Portugal in the picture).  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Spring MissionsSpanish Building 2014

This spring, our three person global team worked hard to send out a total of 77 students and staff to Ecuador, Hungary, Macedonia,Portugal, Russia and Spain!  That’s a lot of details, training and paperwork!  We are eager to share the stories and pictures that are pouring in to us as these teams return.  Eight more teams are being sent out this summer!