Africa Training Forum

Pictured with Tim is Tariku Fufa, the director for Cru Student Ministry in all of Southern and Eastern Africa. For years, he has dreamed of training co-laborers from all over this great continent as they seek to start and accelerate spiritual movements among African youth. One man’s generous financial gift to the ministry last spring has now made Tariku’s dream a reality. On October 3rd, Tim and two other leaders of Cru High School’s Global Missions team fly to Nairobi, Kenya to direct and facilitate a training forum for leaders from Cameroon, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and of course, Kenya. They have designed a principle-based plan that leaders can execute in their context to spread the gospel of Christ among teenagers. Please pray that the Lord would use these leaders to touch thousands of lives as they return home, implement their ideas, and trust God to move in mighty ways. And finally, in light of the threat of the Ebola virus, would you ask the Lord to keep everyone safe and healthy? We can’t wait to see what God does!


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Snapshots from Home

Below are a couple fun pictures to show you what brings great joy to Danny and Mandi these days. We call Danny the “lizard whisperer” because he can catch just about any small creature that moves down here in FL. At school, he serves unofficially as a teacher’s assistant and enjoys feeding and handling the biology teacher’s ball python snakes. Though he would love to host them at our house over Christmas break, we’re not ready to search the house for snakes that might get out, ‘by accident’ of course. Mandi doesn’t have a nickname for her talent yet, but she is becoming one amazing flutist. You can see how her eyes lit up when she received her very own flute this year. In November, she will likely audition for All County Band. You should hear her play!

Danny frogMandi Flute