“Why should I believe Christianity over all the other religions I’m hearing about in History class this year?” Some middle school students who attend Cru have been learning about ancient civilizations and religions and it began to make them question the validity of their faith. Another student said, “My friend used to believe in God, but now she has changed her mind because her new friends don’t believe in God. What do I do?” Another student who posted about the significance of Good Friday on Instagram received a stinging response from a friend who is an atheist. At Cru we are using a new ministry tool and website to help build students in their own faith and empower them to engage others in spiritual conversations so that others can know Jesus too. The tool is called Perspective Cards and the website is called: exploremyperspective.com. (Good for ages 12&up) Check it out!


SPOTLIGHT ON:  Community Partnerships and Student Leaders

Our movement at the middle school is largely volunteer-based. This year we’ve been thrilled to partner with parents and school/church leaders in the community too. They have come in to love and inspire students to live for Jesus. High school students have also joined the ranks as volunteers, leading games and small group times or just hanging out with students. And this year, God has raised up middle school students who are eager to share with their peers about how they are trusting and experiencing God in the highs and lows of everyday life. It is a privilege to watch the Lord at work!

Ferrari-California-WallpaperComing Soon To Colorado!

From Jul 6-22, we will be attending our summer staff conference out at CSU in Ft. Collins, CO. We also hope to connect with many of you!

SPECIAL ASK: If there were any chance you would have a car available for us to use during this time, would you contact us? It doesn’t have to be a Ferrari.  🙂