God Canceled School

As I shared in our last letter, through our global missions, we’ve seen God move in many ways to open doors and hearts that lives may be saved. I couldn’t help but share one more story, from the team that went to Puerto Rico in April, where they saw God cancel school to give every student there an opportunity to hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ! Jason, the team leader, shares the story:

When we walked onto the Garcia High School campus in Rincon, it seemed like the Lord gave us favor with everyone we talked to. Students were crying and telling their whole life story after being asked one question; everyone wanted to be around us. We spoke in classrooms, played games, and built as many relationships as we could with the hope that they would come to our party and hear the Gospel. The plan was to have the party at 3:00pm when school was released. When talking with the Principal she mentioned that many students leave on the bus after school. Then she said, “Why don’t I cancel our last class and you can have the party here, during school at 2pm, so everyone can go.”

Students raising hands indicating that they prayed to begin a relationship with Jesus!

The Lord literally shut down the school so students could hear of His love for them! Half of the school showed up and the stands in the gym were completely full. As one of our students is sharing their story, a teacher taps me on the shoulder and says, “Look at the students. This is crazy. I have been teaching here for over 20 years and I have never seen the students give their attention or listen to anyone for anything. Everyone is quiet and listening. This is a miracle!” Just that day, over 50 students put their faith in Jesus! One student said they had never seen their school come together for anything before, but there was something special about us. We were the army of the living God and nothing was going to stand in the Lord’s way!

This summer we have teams going to Japan, East Asia, Tanzania and Hungary. Please pray that God would do a powerful work in and through these teams as well.


Cru17 Staff Conference

Approximately 5000 staff in Moby Gym at Colorado State University.

From July 15-23, our family will be attending our biennial U.S. staff conference in Fort, Collins, CO. This is always a significant time for Sue and I to meet with the Lord, to be equipped to be more effective in our ministry roles, and to see where God is leading us as a movement. Danny and Mandi will also be attending a conference with approximately 500 other staff kids! The program is led by college students who were staff kids themselves and want to return to invest in the next generation. In the mornings, they all meet together for awesome sessions including a great band, top speakers, and fun games. In the afternoons, they meet in small groups led by college student leaders for discipleship and building relationships. They will also get to do some fun activities like whitewater rafting. Please pray that this is a spiritually refreshing time for Sue and I. And would you pray that God would make a special connection with Danny and Mandi who are navigating through the process of making their faith their own?

We arrive in Colorado on Monday, July 10th so we have time to see family and friends. If you have time to connect with us, we’d love to see you! Please call, text, or email us.