…to send people around the world to reach teenagers!

The harvest is plentiful and NOW, THE WORKERS ARE TOO…at least on Tim’s Global Missions Team they are!

In the high school ministry of Cru, especially at headquarters, it is a rare gift to have an abundance of administrative support staff. When Tim first accepted the role of National Director of Global Missions, his team consisted of Scott (Strategic Alliances Coordinator) and Jill (International Staff Coordinator). Together they shared only one part-time assistant. Vicki has been a blessing because she is skilled in administrative tasks and has great rapport with field staff. She’s also pretty funny, and even though she aspires to be Wonder Woman, eighteen hours a week isn’t enough time for her to complete all the necessary admin tasks. So each year, for the last few years, Tim has also been given a new intern. This year, our intern, Ashley, comes to us from ministering to students in Hungary. She is a Godsend because she loves administrative work and we have lots of that! Last year, another staff woman named Bethanie, sporadically jumped in to help when the team was swamped. This year, she is excited to officially join the team part-time because she has seen the impact that the Lord has had on her own teens’ lives through global missions. Bethanie is especially eager to assist Jill in creating a gap year program for global missions! Brenda, Scott’s wife and mom of three boys/teens, is using her writing and editing skill set to do necessary revisions and updates in our training manuals and “Go-Pacs.” She also has bravely joined Scott in leading several missions abroad! Next, there’s Sheryl, another staff mom of teens who brings to us a wealth of administrative expertise! She has managed childcare for our staff conferences in CO, which qualifies, by the way, as the largest childcare establishment in the USA while we are there! Finally, I (Sue) am excited to have the opportunity to care for and coach Ashley through Cru’s Core Training Program. I also have aspirations to design a couple prayer journals to help students engage with the Lord throughout their short-term missions experiences abroad.

You can’t imagine how grateful we are for this abundant team. Together in dependence on God, we hope to accomplish much this year in reaching teens around the globe!

From left to right: Bethanie, Brenda, Scott, Ashley, Jill, Sheryl, and Tim

From left to right: Bethanie, Vicki, Traveling Tom the scarecrow, Sheryl and Jill

Tim and Craig (Tim’s SLI coach). Craig is the Dean and Associate Professor of Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University

Investing in Leaders

Over the last 21 years of being married to Tim, I have loved watching him grow as a leader. He is amazing to me…Often I consider all the weight of leadership he carries. I see the incredible capacity he has for understanding administrative details/systems as well as for building relationships. I tell him that I am absolutely convinced that my brain would explode if it held even half of the information his brain does! But even with the capacity God has given him, he often feels overwhelmed and unsure of how to move his team forward. For this reason, we are both incredibly grateful that he has been selected for a two year long coaching module called Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI) through Cru. This program provides Tim (and 29 other leaders) with training and experiences designed to help increase their leadership capacity and competency. Cru has invited specific Christian business men and women from around the country to share their wealth of experience in godly leadership of big organizations/companies. Each one of them partners with Cru to coach one participant over the course of two years. Would you join us in asking God to bless this investment in Cru’s leaders?