Soldiers read “The Four Spiritual Laws” in the DRC.

You may recall us sharing about a training forum that the High School Ministry’s Global Missions Team did a couple years ago in Africa. There Tim met a man named Jules who serves in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our partnership with him continues and every so often we get word of how the Lord is moving through ministry to students. This is Jules’ story in his own words:


“One of the kids in a military’s camp school in which we ministered to students, took home a Gospel tract. The tract caught his dad’s attention. The military man was the officer in charge of the culture and morale of the military in the camp. After reading the tract, he sought after our team member to get more information on how to have these tracts given to his team. So he sent a soldier to get our team member. When our colleague heard the soldier inviting him to see the commander, he thought he had probably committed a serious offense in the school, and his days were numbered! He reported later on that when he heard that ‘he quickly went behind the door to pray to God.’ And he then respectfully followed the soldier. But, when they arrived, he was surprised to hear what the officer had to say. The military man begged that we find a window in our schedule to speak to his team as we did in the school! So, quickly, the next morning, members of our team were sent to present the Gospel, reading the ‘Four Spiritual Laws’ with his entire leadership team. All of them prayed to accept Christ!”

Mandi Setting Aside Spring Break for Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

In less than a month, our daughter Mandi will be flying to Puerto Rico with a team of staff, college students and other high school students to help with hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico! She will be accompanied by several trusted friends and leaders of CRU. During the week, the team will be working on structural relief, simple cleaning and repairs, as well as packing and distribution of practical supplies. They will also be spending time offering support to students in the city by listening to their stories, encouraging and praying for them. Would you pray as the Lord leads for Mandi, the team and the people of PR in your prayers during the week of March 18-24?


We will be in Columbus, OH from March 16-23. We’d love to spend time with you individually while we are in town. Call, text, message or email us if you’d like to set something up! You’re also welcome to stop by to hear our ministry update during the 10 a.m. service at Life Community Church on March 18th.